Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Our September Meeting - Healthy Eating into Winter

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Welcome back to the Bake, Natter and Roll blog!

Last week was WI Sports Week and also our September monthly meeting. We were supposed to be having a meeting dedicated to jam and chutney making, but we couldn't get a instead we decided to tie the theme into Sports Week and generally being healthy.

Nuffield Health Farnham joined us again, this time providing a speaker for our healthy eating evening. Georgie Laverton, Operations Manager, joined us for an evening of practical tips and discussion about keeping healthy - what to eat and how to keep active when you have a busy life. Georgie has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years, training as a fitness professional and previously being a Health Mentor at Nuffield Health.

Georgie asked us lots of questions about healthy eating - what we wanted to achieve and what our biggest barriers are. It was great to discuss healthy eating with other people - we all know what we should eat, but equally we all face the same issues with staying on track! Georgie then gave us lots of advice about how to keep the sweet cravings at bay and how we can weave some activity into our everyday lives. Her advice was simple and straight forward - no faddy diets or strict regime!

She stressed the importance of eating regularly to maintain blood sugars levels and suggested we try snacking on nuts (especially walnuts). She also reminded us of the guidelines that we should try and exercise for ten minutes three times a day.

It was a really interesting meeting, with lots of sensible advice that we all felt we could follow!

Thank you for popping by today,
The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Monday, 19 September 2016

Women's Institute First Sports Week!

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Welcome back to the Bake, Natter and Roll blog -home of Farnham WI.

Last week was the first ever Women's Institute Sports Week! The aim of the WI Sports Week was to encourage as many members as possible to take part in a range of sports – it can be anything from swimming or dancing to rock climbing or archery. As long as members are getting active! 

Bake, Natter and Roll were very lucky to be joined by Nuffield Health Farnham this sports week, who offered members a series of WI only classes throughout the week. Nuffield Health also offered members complimentary 7 day passes to the club during the week, so members could enjoy the gym, classes and swimming pool.

Bake, Natter and Roll hit the gym at Nuffield Health Farnham!

Our members enjoyed a spin class with Mandy on Monday morning, an outdoor circuts class with Max on Wednesday evening and a fun filled zumba class with Elaine on Satuday lunchtime! There was something for everyone on offer and members tried new activities that they hadn't experienced before - including our lovely President Cat who went spinning!

Some Bake, Natter and Roll (Farnham WI) ladies at Zumba!

We'd like to thank the team at Nuffield Health Farnham for their generous support!

Also as part of sports week we were invited to play rounders with the Normandy Nightingales, another new Surrey WI who launched around the same time as we did. Some of our members joined in the fun at the beginning of September for a friendly game and the chance to meet some other WI members. A great evening was had by all!

Thank you for popping by today,
The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Bake, Natter and Roll...Meet the Committee - Part 6

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Welcome back to the Bake, Natter and Roll blog - home of the Farnham WI! Today we're meeting another of our lovely committee members, this time it's Miriam our Treasurer....

Miriam lives in Farnham with her husband Wayne and their two children.

Why did you join Bake, Natter and Roll?
I joined Bake, Natter and Roll to meet new people and learn new things

What is your favourite cake?
My favourite cake is Red Velvet (especially cafe nero's!)

Tell us three facts about yourself:
I love keeping fit especially running, 
I have trekked the Himalayas twice, 
I have started up-cycling old pieces of furniture from car boots or tip!

We can't wait to see all Miriam's up-cycled projects!

Thank you for popping by today - we have just one last committee member left for you to meet....our membership administrator Jude.

The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Craft and Coffee Wednesday - polymer clay trinket dish

Hello there,

Welcome back to another craft blog post from Bake, Natter and Roll.

For this project you need to make sure you have some polymer clay before you start - but its a really simple craft project and you can either keep the dish for yourself or they make cute gifts....

These marbled beauties are made using several different coloured polymer clays, I love the effect and you never quite know what you are going to get.

I use Fimo clay - not sure why...I just love the colours.

The more colours you use for this project, the more colourful your final dish - for this one I used just three colours. To start off with you need to make long sausage shapes out of your clay...

In this case I used more white than the other two colours. 

Next you need to twist the sausages together, before turning them into a ball of colourful clay...

Next you need to start rolling your clay out.....and this is where the magic happens. 
I used a glass jar to roll my clay- this meant I could see my clay as it marbled....

I enjoy this part of the project - watching the colours marble and blend. 
Do it slowly though, otherwise you might loose the marbling effect. When you're happy with your colours you can cut out a small circle of the clay...

I probably could have used a bit more clay for this project - as you can see I only just had enough! Next lie this circle into base of a small dish in order to shape it...

Then you need to bake your clay (in the dish) following the manufacturers instructions. 
When the time is up, remove your dish from the oven and leave it to cool. Your dish will just fall out when you turn the china dish upside down.

Now my dish had some rather rough edges, so I just got a nail file and smoothed the edges down.

The next bit is optional, as you can just leave the dish unglazed. However, I think the finish you get from Mod Podge is lovely and works really well with the marble effect.

So I gave my dish two coats...

Finally I was finished.....and I just love my little dish....

This project might not be as quick as some of the other projects (as you have baking, cooling and drying times to factor in), but I think the uniqueness of the marbling makes up for the wait! 

We hope you've enjoyed this project -we'd love to see your makes if you try it at home! Send us a photo of your trinket dish!

Thank you for popping by today,

The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Bake, Natter and Roll .... Meet the Committee- Part 5

Hello there,

Another Saturday rolls around and today on the Bake, Natter and Roll blog we're meeting another lovely committee member. This time we meet Vice President Kate....

Kate lives with her husband Keith and two children in Farnham.

Why did you join Bake, Natter and Roll?
I started up the Farnham WI with our President Cat, as I've always loved the ideology behind the WI but didn't fit into any of the local groups. I was looking for a more varied age range.

What is your favourite cake?
My favourite cake is carrot cake

Tell us three facts about yourself:
I have had over 26 piercings and tattoos.
I love sewing and embroidery
I love travelling

It's great to learn a little more about Kate, if you want any sewing tips look for Kate at the next monthly meeting!

Thank you for popping by today - we still have two more committee members for you to meet!

The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Craft and Coffee Wednesday - quick bunting card!

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Welcome back to the Bake, Natter and Roll blog, home of Farnham WI.

Today we're going to share another quick and easy craft project with you.....and this week we're making a card. It's always handy to have a card ready....and you can use this one for lots of different occasions.....

Quick and easy card from Bake, Natter and Roll

To make this card you will need:

Coloured and patterned papers
Blank card
Washi tape
wool or sting
sticky stuff -glue or glue dots

If you haven't got a blank card to use, simply use some white or coloured card to make your card blank. If making your card, it can be any size you like.....I find square cards work well for this design.

First you want to cut out and fix your background papers -if you haven't got any patterend paper at home, simply use coloured paper or wrapping paper works well too.

I opted for a plain green and multi-coloured striped paper for my card...

Next you need to make your bunting...

Cut three or more pieces of washi tape and lie them flat on the table (you can do this altogether or individually if  find it less fiddly), next you want to lay your wool / string across the tape...

Next, fold each piece of tape over onto itself and then cut a small triangle from the bottom to make the bunting shapes...

If you haven't got any washi tape, just use some coloured paper and stick it down. This is a little more fiddly, but just as effective.

You now need to fix the bunting across one corner of your card, tucking the ends of your wool / string under the paper...

Mini sparkly bunting!

On the opposite bottom corner of your card attach a white piece of card / paper backed with coloured card / paper - this is where you can write your sentiment.

And this is what makes the card really useful, as you can make the card up and just leave the sentiment card blank until you know what type of card you need!

And that's it - simple, quick and perfect for lots of occasions!

We hope you've enjoyed this quick craft project - if you have a go at home we'd love to see your cards....send us a tweet or a Facebook message! 

Thank you for popping by today, pop back soon for another quick and easy craft project!

The Bake Natter and Roll Committee

Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Excititng News - Farnham In Bloom Container Competition

Hello there,

Here at Bake, Natter and Roll we have some very exciting news to share.....we have been awarded gold for our entry in the 2016 Farnham In Bloom container competition!

Bake, Natter and Roll - Farnham WI entry for the
Farnham in Bloom Container Competition 2016

The judge thought our entry, with its knitting needles, crochet, bunting, cup and saucer, and even a bra as a nod to the WI's "Hanging Braskets" competition, was totally different and really fun. 

Farnham WI mini bunting

Buttons and thread join flowers in our container!

Well done to all the members involved in planting and decorating the container!

The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Our First Summer Outing - Denbies Vineyard

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Welcome back to the Bake, Natter and Roll blog!

Traditionally August is the month when WI groups take a break from their regular monthly meetings and go on a summer trip. It's the perfect opportunity for members to spend a little more time together while enjoying a day out.

Earlier this year we asked our members where they would like to go on their first summer outing and several choices were put to the group vote. A trip to England's biggest vineyard - Denbies in Dorking - was the most popular choice!

Denbies Vineyard - Dorking

So last Saturday, nine Bake, Natter and Roll ladies travelled to Denbies where they enjoyed two tours of the estate - an indoor tour which included a wine tasting and talk about the estate and an outdoor tour where they viewed the vines from a train.

The ‘Indoor Cinema Vineyard Tour’ starts in the brand new cinema where we watched a short film about the vineyard. We learnt about the geology and history of the estate and experienced the changes in the vineyard through the seasons.

Next we went on the winery walking tour, which passed through the working winery with a full commentary from a Wine Tour Guide. Here we learnt a lot about the production process.

 Finally we made it to the cellar tasting where we enjoyed three different wines produced at Denbies, including the award winning Surrey Gold.....

Bake, Natter and Roll (Farnham WI) on the road for our summer 16 trip!

Next we headed outside for the train tour....the 50-minute vineyard tour takes visitors to some of the most beautiful viewing points in the vineyard. We listened to a commentary as we went around, learning more about this vast and beautiful estate.

Since we hadn't tried the sparkling wine during our last tour we decided we wanted to try some while on the next tour and treated ourselves to a glass...

The views from the tour were rather spectacular and we got close enough to see the grapes growing on the vines. 

We all thoroughly enjoyed our trip to Denbies and said we'd come back for another tour. We're looking forward to our next Bake, Natter and Roll trip!

Thank you for popping by today,

The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Bake, Natter and Roll.....Meet the Committee Member - Part 4

Hello there,

Welcome back to the Bake, Natter and Roll blog - home to the Farnham WI!

Today we're meeting another of our lovely committee members, this time it's our secretary Laura.....

Laura is married to Jimmy and lives in Farnham with their two young children.

Why did I join Bake, Natter and Roll?
I joined the WI to learn new craft ideas and activities and also to meet local like minded people. 

What's your favourite cake?
My favourite cakes are coffee and walnut and yellow courgette and ginger. 

Tell us three facts about yourself:
My interests are running, skiing and anything active really,
Gardening-growing my own veg, 
And I craft when I can.  

Don't forget to say hi to Laura at our next monthly meeting and pop back soon to meet another of our lovely committee members!

Thank you for popping by today,
The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bake, Natter and Roll......Meet the Committee - Part 3

Hello there,

Welcome back to the Bake, Natter and Roll Blog - today we're meeting another of our lovely committee members. This week it's the turn of Vice President Lydia....

I am Lydia and I have 2 children; Evie who is 3 and Willow who is 9 months and I have been married for 6 years.  I grew up in Farnham but have lived in Farnborough for about the last 8 years. I work part time for a forklift truck company. I love to cook, bake and craft when I have any spare time, which is hardly ever!

Why did you join Bake, Natter and Roll?
I joined bake , natter and roll as I really like what the WI Is about, playing a unique role in providing women with educational opportunities and the chance to build new skills, whilst being with other like minded women. It's also about getting time out for myself where I am Lydia and not always mummy!

What's your favourite cake?
My favourite cake- hmmmmmm so many but my ultimate favourite would be carrot or coffee and walnut, is it ok to have 2?!?

Tell us three facts about yourself:
I ran Brighton marathon in 2012
I was in Mark Owens' video Clementine
I spent 6.5 months travelling South America, New Zealand, Australia, Bali and Thailand.

Pop back soon to see what we've been up to at Bake, Natter and Roll and to meet another committee member!

The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Craft and Coffee Wednesday

Hello there,

Welcome back to Bake, Natter and Roll's Blog - we hope you're well today.

Today we're sharing a new post with you - time to take five minutes out of your busy day and take a peek at a quick craft project! We're a crafty bunch at Bake, Natter and Roll and we thought you'd enjoy seeing some of our makes.

Today we have a quick and easy Mod Podge project to jazz up some boring old glass jars to use as storage jars. All you need for this project is your glass jars, some pretty decoupage paper, a jar of Mod Podge and a brush....

Never heard of Mod Podge before? Basically it's a water based sealer glue finish which can be used on all surfaces. It's non toxic and the one I use has a gloss finish.

Using the product is a simple case of building up layers of the decoupage paper on your jar, using the Mod Podge to stick and seal the paper. You can add as many or as few layers of paper as you want - the more you use the denser the finish.  The Mod Podge dries into a clear, glossy finish...

It's a really quick and easy way to jazz up your old jars! 

I used mine to store my sewing scissors on my (messy) sewing table....

We'd love to see your Mod Podge projects - send us a photo to our Twitter page!

Pop back next week for another Coffee and Craft Wednesday!

Thanks for popping by today,
The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Sunday, 7 August 2016

The Denman Experience

Hello there,

Welcome back to Bake, Natter and Roll, the Farnham WI blog.

As a newly formed WI group we are always learning new things about the Women's Institute and today we're sharing with you a little about Denman.

So what's it all about then, we hear you cry....

Denman offers a wide variety of day and residential courses in cookery, craft and lifestyle. Set in the picturesque village of Marcham, in Oxfordshire, the Georgian mansion and seventeen acres of grounds provide the perfect atmosphere for learning.

Denman (from website)

With over 500 day and residential courses to choose from, Denman offers one of the widest ranges of short courses in the UK.  Guests can choose from day schools or two to four night residential courses, led by tutors with vast experience in their field and a passion for imparting their knowledge to others. Courses range from novice to experienced and everyone is welcome — men and women, members and non-members.

A sample of the courses available.....
WI Baking Weekender
World Street Food
A Taste of Italy
Polymer Clay Jewellery
Festive Willow
Leatherwork: From Belts to Bracelets
Family History for Beginners
Gardening: Three Famous Gardeners
Music Appreciation: Gershwin and Porter

There is something for everyone!

Guests who opt for a residential course get to stay, eat and relax at Denman as well. All of Denman’s sixty-nine en-suite bedrooms are designed and furnished by WI members — providing a unique and individual feel to each room. Guests also enjoy mouth-watering meals, sourced from local farms and independent suppliers, including a wide range of regional and seasonal recipes.

For more information about Denman and the current courses on offer, please visit their website.

Thank you for popping by today,
The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Bake, Natter and Roll......Meet the Committee - Part 2

Hello there,

Welcome back to Bake, Natter and Roll - the Farnham WI blog!

Today we continue to meet the WI Committee. After meeting Cat last week, let's say hello to Vice President and resident blogger Rachel Wheeler....

Rachel lives with her partner Joe and their two cats (Steve and Tinker) in Farnham. Rachel isn't originally from Farnham, moving her about three and a half years ago.

Why did you join Bake Natter and Roll?
I love the idea of a group of diverse women who meet up to share skills, knowledge and a good gossip! I'm a bit of a crafty individual (I love to sew and enjoy papercraft), as well as having a passion for cakes and homemade food and therefore the WI has always appealed to me. I'm also keen to meet new friends since moving into the area.

What is your favourite cake? 
Tough question.....probably coffee cake....although I do love lemon drizzle too! 

Tell us three facts about you....
1) I write a blog dedicated to the art of afternoon tea - Tea With Me and Friends
2) I love talking - I probably talk too much sometimes!
3) I used to be a Brownie Guide Leader, I was known as Squirrel

Why not say hi to Rachel at the next monthly meeting - tell her about your favourite afternoon tea adventure! Pop back to the blog soon to meet more of the committee!

Thank you for popping by today,

The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Inspired by our monthly meeting - Make, Do and Mend!

Hello there,

Welcome back to the Bake, Natter and Roll blog, we hope you're well today!

It's Rachel here, sharing with you a sewing project that I recently completed. If you popped by the blog recently you'll know all about our July monthly meeting, where we met Alice and Ginny and enjoyed a talk about make do and mend. I was really inspired by one part of the talk in particular - the bit where an old shirt was unpicked for the fabric. I was amazed at the amount of fabric that you got from just one shirt!

With this in mind I scoured the local charity shops in Farnham, looking for something I could unpick and upcycle into something new. I came across this shapeless dress in a fab tropical print, which cost me just £3.95. I wouldn't have picked the dress for myself, but I loved the fabric....

It's a size 16 dress in a light, floaty fabric that I thought would make a lovely summer top.

The first thing I needed to do was unpick the seams and see how much fabric I had to play with. I unpicked one of the side seams first, then I started on the bias binding that was attached to the neckline and also used for the straps. 

I wish I had been a little bit more careful with the bias binding, the majority of it came off really easily and was reuseable.....but in my haste a bit of it ended up with holes. 

I was really impressed with the amount of fabric I got.....this little lot would have cost me more than £4.00 if I bought it new....

I have a pattern for a simple, sleeveless top that I knew would work well in this fabric. I knew I could reuse the bias binding for the arm holes, so I just needed to add a little black bias binding for my neck line. 

So I got started, cutting my fabric out....with a little help from Steve the cat....

As mentioned above I reused the original bias binding for my arm holes....

...and used a little black bias binding from my craft stash for the neck line....

I had more than enough fabric for this top, and although it wasn't the easiest fabric to work with I was pleased with my finished piece and I've already worn this top out....

There is nothing better than making your own clothes....having something that no one else has and that tends to fit you better than shop bought clothes.

I also loved the challenge of taking something old and making it into something I would wear. 

My top tip if you wanted to do this yourself (and I would encourage you to) is to take your time when unpicking the seams. Less speed means less rips in your fabric!

I'll definitely be doing this again in the future - thanks to Alice and Ginny for the inspiration!

Thank you for popping by today!

Rachel - The Bake, Natter and Roll Committee