Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Our September Meeting - Healthy Eating into Winter

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Last week was WI Sports Week and also our September monthly meeting. We were supposed to be having a meeting dedicated to jam and chutney making, but we couldn't get a instead we decided to tie the theme into Sports Week and generally being healthy.

Nuffield Health Farnham joined us again, this time providing a speaker for our healthy eating evening. Georgie Laverton, Operations Manager, joined us for an evening of practical tips and discussion about keeping healthy - what to eat and how to keep active when you have a busy life. Georgie has been in the fitness industry for over 18 years, training as a fitness professional and previously being a Health Mentor at Nuffield Health.

Georgie asked us lots of questions about healthy eating - what we wanted to achieve and what our biggest barriers are. It was great to discuss healthy eating with other people - we all know what we should eat, but equally we all face the same issues with staying on track! Georgie then gave us lots of advice about how to keep the sweet cravings at bay and how we can weave some activity into our everyday lives. Her advice was simple and straight forward - no faddy diets or strict regime!

She stressed the importance of eating regularly to maintain blood sugars levels and suggested we try snacking on nuts (especially walnuts). She also reminded us of the guidelines that we should try and exercise for ten minutes three times a day.

It was a really interesting meeting, with lots of sensible advice that we all felt we could follow!

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