Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Craft and Coffee Wednesday - quick bunting card!

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Welcome back to the Bake, Natter and Roll blog, home of Farnham WI.

Today we're going to share another quick and easy craft project with you.....and this week we're making a card. It's always handy to have a card ready....and you can use this one for lots of different occasions.....

Quick and easy card from Bake, Natter and Roll

To make this card you will need:

Coloured and patterned papers
Blank card
Washi tape
wool or sting
sticky stuff -glue or glue dots

If you haven't got a blank card to use, simply use some white or coloured card to make your card blank. If making your card, it can be any size you like.....I find square cards work well for this design.

First you want to cut out and fix your background papers -if you haven't got any patterend paper at home, simply use coloured paper or wrapping paper works well too.

I opted for a plain green and multi-coloured striped paper for my card...

Next you need to make your bunting...

Cut three or more pieces of washi tape and lie them flat on the table (you can do this altogether or individually if  find it less fiddly), next you want to lay your wool / string across the tape...

Next, fold each piece of tape over onto itself and then cut a small triangle from the bottom to make the bunting shapes...

If you haven't got any washi tape, just use some coloured paper and stick it down. This is a little more fiddly, but just as effective.

You now need to fix the bunting across one corner of your card, tucking the ends of your wool / string under the paper...

Mini sparkly bunting!

On the opposite bottom corner of your card attach a white piece of card / paper backed with coloured card / paper - this is where you can write your sentiment.

And this is what makes the card really useful, as you can make the card up and just leave the sentiment card blank until you know what type of card you need!

And that's it - simple, quick and perfect for lots of occasions!

We hope you've enjoyed this quick craft project - if you have a go at home we'd love to see your cards....send us a tweet or a Facebook message! 

Thank you for popping by today, pop back soon for another quick and easy craft project!

The Bake Natter and Roll Committee

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