Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Craft Time....Let's make fabric flowers!

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At our first meeting in January we did a spot of speed crafting and previously we shared with you how to make Cat's gorgeous paper flowers - today we've got the instructions for Miriam's fabric flowers.

Sew a straight running stitch along a strip of material, leaving about ½ cm from the edge of length and making stitched about 1 cm apart.

You can begin to pull and ruffle as you go.  Don’t pull too hard or it will break your thread.  Just pull slowly.

Keep pulling the thread slowly until it wraps around into a ruffle flower shape

Turn your flower to the back side and sew a few stitches with knots in the back (especially where the two ends of fabric meet). This will finish up your flower.

Add a jewel or a button to the center!

Simple yet effective - you can attach a clip or pin to the back of the flowers to turn them into pretty accessories.

The original concept for this project comes from The Crafting Chicks

If you've made one of these flowers why not show us? Take a photo and post it on our Facebook page

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