Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Craft time - Let's make paper flowers

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One of our crafts at our first WI meeting in January was paper flowers. These are easy to make, but look great and can be used to decorate all kinds of things.

Cat made them to decorate presents last Christmas

You will need:
Brown paper
Stamps, ink & glitter paint (or other decorating materials)
Card for petal templates
PVA glue
White paper

To make the flowers:
1. First you need to decorate the brown paper. Get creative for this part - Cat used stamps, glitter paint and tipex for her flowers.
2. Cut out a template for your petal shapes - 1 smaller and 1 larger. Try different shapes and sizes to create different flowers.
3. Use the template to cut out the petal shapes - you will need approximately 5 or 6 of each size for every flower.
4. Next cut out a small rectangle of white paper to make the stamens.
5. Cut the top third of the paper into narrow strips and then roll it up tightly before sticking the end down using a small amount of PVA glue. Fan out the cut end and voila - you have a stamen.

6. Now crumple each of the petals to give the flower a more natural look when finished - don't be afraid to give them a really good crumple as it gives the petals a great texture.
7. Starting with the smaller petals, use the glue to attach them one at a time to the rolled end of the stamen, overlapping them slightly.
8. Once you have added the small petals repeat for the larger petals, overlapping the smaller petals.
9. When complete, fan the petals out to open up the flower

As you can see these flowers are really pretty and can be used to adorn many different things.....

They can also be as unique as you, as the decoration on the petals is designed by you.

So what are you waiting for - why not give it a go....and don't forget to pop by our Facebook page and show us your make!

The original idea for this project is from A Piece of Rainbow blog.

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