Sunday, 24 July 2016

Our June Meeting.....WI-NEY Night!

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Welcome back to Bake, Natter and Roll, the Farnham WI blog! We're a little behind with our blog posts at the moment....sorry!

Way back in June (that's how behind we are with our posts - whoops!) Vice President Lydia hosted a fab WI-ney night where we were joined by Thomas Jack from Wine Rack in Farnham for a talk on wine!

VP Lydia overseeing the wine!

Thomas took us through a selection of old world and new world wines from around the world, telling us about the techniques used to make them.....and of course we got to sample the wines too....

Old world wine vs. new world wine - which will you chose?

We learnt that largely the difference between old world and new world wines is the methods used to make the wine. 

Old World wine countries wine making tends to be restricted, with guidelines all wineries must follow. Each country and region in the Old World has been making their wine the same way for centuries, and current winemakers are held to those traditional standards. The New World generally places less emphasis on making wine the same way it has been made previously, and more emphasis on making wine that takes advantage of modern advances.

We also learnt that everyone has their own preference when it comes to wine and it's good to explore the different wines available.

It was an educational, but fun evening which we all enjoyed. 

We'd like to thank Thomas for joining us for the evening!

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