Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Introducing.....the Bake, Natter and Roll Sub Groups!

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An important part of every successful WI group are the sub-groups which run outside of the monthly meetings. As a newly established WI group, Bake Natter and Roll have only just started running their sub groups, but we're looking forward to sharing everything we get up to over the coming months. 

So what's a sub group we hear you cry.....well in its basic form its an interest group....a meeting of like minded ladies with a shared passion / interest. Sub groups can range from pudding clubs and rambling groups to crochet circles or theatre groups. As long as there is enough interest in a subject (and enough time) a sub-group can exist. 

President Cat has started a Sunday Book she tells us a bit more about it....

The first meeting of the BNR Sunday Book Club was on 26th June. where five of our lovely members enjoyed bubbly, chocolates, nibbles and putting the world to rights, and occasionally even remembered to discuss the book! 

Our first read was Dietland by Sarai Walker, a book with themes of dieting and body image with a rather rousing feminist message behind it, which almost everyone enjoyed reading, although it wasn't quite what we were expecting. 

Next month we'll be chatting about Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins.

Sub-groups, like book clubs, are a really good way for diverse groups of members to get together outside the main monthly meetings and get to know others while indulging in shared interests. We have several book clubs getting started and other groups include a regular baby/toddler meet-up. 

We'll also shortly have a walking group, sewing group and crochet group getting going. Sub-groups depend on members being willing to co-ordinate them, so if you are interested in joining or setting up a group please do let us know!

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